Campsite: 8 sites where you can pitch your tent “drette” at the water’s edge.

Consequence of Covid-19, the vast majority of French who plan to go on vacation will go to France

By choice or by default, the French will spend their summer holidays in France.A refuge destination for those who are wary of the health crisis, but a constraint for long-haul enthusiasts.However, all share the same desire to green and space for the big vacation.

A total of 86% of French people - compared to 75% in 2019 - decided to stay in their country this summer.Half of them even say that these holidays will be "different" from the previous ones, according to a survey of 2,000 people by the 13 metropolitan areas.

With the containment and persistence of the Covid-19, all the preparation for summer vacations was turned upside down."We are 25% behind in bookings compared to last year.And there are also almost twice as many French people who do not yet know if they are going to leave, ”sums up Didier Arino, director of the specialist Protourisme cabinet at AFP.

The summer winner will undoubtedly be local tourism."In other years, 40% of French people going on vacation stayed in their home region or in nearby regions, this year we reached 52%", adds Didier Arino.

An almost normal occupancy rate for campsites?

"There is a tendency to look for the green and the mountains, certain interior departments have really progressed like Cantal or Lot", underlines Solange Escure, president of the federation of Gîtes de France, whose 70,000 labeled accommodations are located mainly in rural areas.

The associative network is experiencing a renewed interest: "we have 46% of new users on the site, and a clientele of 18-24 year olds in strong progression.The average basket increases, there are more stays of two and three weeks than usual.For some departments, we will arrive at least at the occupancy rate of last year, "she says.

Posted Date: 2020-06-27

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